Commentary on CPWD Specifications In 2 Vols




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Author(s) Nabhi Board of Editors
ISBN 8172744528
Year Of Publication 2017
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A special feature of this book is that wherever necessary, the items have been explained with the help of figures based on standard design generally followed in govt. construction. Apart from discussing the construction items in general, the book also deals with certain selected items like authorised width of excavation to execute different items, extra rates for doing work below plinth level on the similar lines as in case of extra rates for items done above the plinth level as recommended in the CPWD specification itself, but not implemented till to date and the correct interpretation of the item of excavation with a condition of limiting width and height and implications thereof, the correct width of foundation trench to be maintained as the depth of trench increases and payment to be made as per concerned width etc.


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Commentary on CPWD Specifications In 2 Vols

Commentary on CPWD Specifications In 2 Vols

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