Compilation of Manual of e Office Procedure




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Author(s) Nabhi Board of Editors
ISBN 9788172747817
Edition First
Year Of Publication 2013
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This book contains full text of the e-manual as appearing on the website of DARPG, through some errors detected in the govt. The speciality of the book is that the e-manual is supported by lot of other relevant material, the important ones include- govt guidelines on the e-office framework, govt guidelines for Indian government websites, e-mail management guidelines and guidelines for usage of digital signatures in e-governance.


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Compilation of Manual of e Office Procedure

Compilation of Manual of e Office Procedure

Well, reading books as a hobby was always a noble, pleasant and very useful kind of activity. It gives knowledge, exerts on the process of development of your personality. For a long period of time books were very rare and because of such confines only some 'esoteric' people could afford them.

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